Bonnie Stedman, Naturopathic Nutritionist has a passion for teas and is now supplying MM with her delicious and theraputic quality blends. Lets find out a little more about them.

Bonnie, why are your teas superior to others……?

Well firstly they are all 100% organic which eliminates pesticide, herbacide, and fungacide sprays which can all have an extremely detremental effect on your system as a whole, especially the liver, your digestion and your nervous system.

So they are a cleaner tea then? Better for the body.

Yes absolutely, this allows the specific benefits of each herb to do its job without having to outshine the nasty’s which are so overused in our current farming and growing communities. Organic is the way to go.

Can you tell us why your blends are working so well with your customers?

I was lucky to do some extensive training in herbs with my studies in the UK so I have a great understanding of which herbs work well together to support each body system. I cant take all the credit though as its the quality of the ingredients I use that really should get a mention. Many teas are made up of the scraps that fall on the floor in packaging warhouses while the whole plant/leaf/flower gets used in more premium brands. I only use whole leaves/flowers/roots so the theraputic effect is maximised.

All Bonnie’s teas are now available at a M/M near you!!!