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All classes are 60 minutes in length, led by professional Yoga teachers with a minimum 200hr accreditation and extensive industry experience.

60 minutes class

Our signature vinyasa class featuring a strong, dynamic, physical practice in a heated room. This class will challenge you and keep you moving through breath and flow. Every class is different but you can be assured that you will receive a great workout leaving you inspired both physically and mentally. 32 degrees.

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60 minutes class

A slow/moderate paced class designed to learn the basics and fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. Perfect for beginners or those new to the practice. Also great for experienced yogis wanting to refine their practice and alignment. 26 degrees.

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60 minutes class

A slower paced class with poses being held for longer periods of time. Perfect to unwind and release muscle and fascia tension. All done to soothing music. 26 degrees.

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60 minutes class

A gentle, full body flowing class. Think of this class as a slower moving, less intense vinyasa in a non heated room

Great for beginners, those recovering from injury and those who are seeking a more gentle offering. Pick your pace and intensity, with options to modify your practice along the way.

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45 minutes class
This mat based class is a non-impact, full body workout that focuses on core muscles, as well as toning for the legs, bum and arms, increasing spinal mobility and flexibility. Its also great for specific rehabilitation of many injuries and conditions especially abdominal separation post pregenancy.

60 minutes Pregnancy Yoga Class

Mothers-to-be undergo many changes to their physical and emotional being during their 9 months of pregnancy as they support and grow new life. Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful way to embrace this time and to feel your optimum through asana (movement), pregnancy specific pranayama (and breath for birth preparation), meditation and relaxation.

Yoga is ideal for pregnancy as it allows women to practice both on a physical and spiritual level while at the same time developing confidence and cultivating self-trust. In these classes we find balance between strengthening and stabilising to build stamina and courage as you prepare for birth, combined with softer more flowing movements to create space for you and your growing baby and to tune into the softness that is required to birth your babies. 

Having a regular yoga practice supports pregnant women to feel more grounded and connected both mentally and physically. It helps to quieten a busy mind, connect deeply inward and acknowledge the changes that are taking place each day within her ever-changing body and life. Each class will end in a much-needed blissful relaxation! 

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can also build good foundations for rapid post-natal recovery. The ease of movement and positive connection with the breath established during pregnancy facilitate the practice of yoga that stabilises and nurtures the body after birth.

When to practice Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy yoga is ideal from 12 weeks – full term (2nd and 3rd trimester). 

In a short period of time, the body goes through a huge transformation and the 1st trimester can be extremely challenging for some women. It is a beautiful time to rest and nourish yourself so that the remainder of the pregnancy can flourish. However, if you are feeling well in your 1st trimester and your body is craving some movement then you are more than welcome to join. 

Other yoga styles during Pregnancy


It is possible to practice other styles of yoga, but please always let the teacher know that you are pregnant before the class starts. When practising in a regular class please be mindful and avoid deep twisting, deep backbends, breath retention and strong inversions. Being pregnant is a transformative and natural state in a woman’s life. A time to move differently in reverence and honour to your incredible body and it’s incredible work growing and nourishing this life within. Your body is changing every day so it is an especially important time to listen in daily, letting your body and heart guide you through your practice.

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