Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful way to embrace this time and to feel your optimum through asana (movement),
pregnancy specific pranayama (and breath for birth preparation), meditation and relaxation.

In these classes we find balance between strengthening and stabilising to build stamina and courage as you prepare for birth,
combined with softer more flowing movements to create space for you and your growing baby and to tune into the softness that is required
to birth your babies. Each class will end in a much-needed blissful relaxation!

Pregnancy yoga is ideal from 12 weeks – full term (2nd and 3rd trimester). If you are interested to try Modern Prenatal, enjoy the online class below to be enjoyed at your own time.

Release The Day Mellow

A nourishing practice where we stay close to the earth and move into the lower back, pelvis and hip flexors to release pent up tension and achiness from the day. A beautiful way to find balance, move energy, release the day, connect inwards and find a calming breath to shift gears from busy day to restful deep sleep.