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Our studios have moved online until July 9th – join us on the livestream!

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The vision for Modern Movement is yoga with purpose. Ask why, and let that curiosity inspire your movement, your breath and your potential.  We create an experience that offers more than just a good sweat (though you’ll definitely get that!) and moves deeper than just the physical body. It’s steeped in ancient wisdom, tradition and deep connection. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s an evolution from the roots of yoga into the modern world of functional movement, psychology, and anatomical biomechanics. We blend the best of where we’ve been, with the intelligence and potential of where we’re going. That’s why we offer more than just traditional yoga.

ready to become a yoga teacher?


september 17th – december 2021


Our part time course takes place over 5 long weekends with a 5 day Byron Retreat Immersion fully included. Our teaching vision is to create leaders who master their daily living through deep understanding of their own psychology, subtle energies and physical healing. Our expert team come with mastery from all over the globe to create a learning environment that makes even the most complex of topics become personal, relevant and easy to access no matter who you are or how much experience you have. 

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Put it all behind you, even if just for a few minu Put it all behind you, even if just for a few minutes. Join us this weekend on the LIVESTREAM 

8:00am Vinyasa with Shauna Hawkes
9:30am Pilates with Georgie Cathels

8:00am Vinyasa with Kara Ewen
9:30am Mellow with Katy Johnstone

Sunday Special
5:30pm Yin Masterclass with EFT Tapping with Morgan Webert

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Public service announcement for all you yoga lover Public service announcement for all you yoga lovers afraid that you missed out on our live Kundalini Yoga Sunday Special…
You didn’t! 

It’s available for you to watch tonight, tomorrow, this weekend or anytime you want to sail away, up through the clouds. 

Kundalini Masterclass and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Aline Lage is now online. 

You can find this 2hr workshop in the ‘Courses’ category online. 
Make sure you plan for extra time to chill and ground after… we recommend staying on the floor to melt for an extended period of time afterwards 💤
Is your screen time serving you this week? Try som Is your screen time serving you this week? Try something new, expand your knowledge and maybe even use lockdown to pop out on the other side with some new skills. Here’s a couple of new drops to check out

New to Yoga:

- Begin Again 
A Short Course on Fundamental Alignment and Anatomy with Emily McCarthy @emilymccarthy 

- Warrior Workshop
Breakdown of Warrior 1,2,3 with Katy Johnstone @unboundembodied 

- Chair Twist Workshop
How to do your least favourite pose properly 🙂 with Katy Johnstone @unboundembodied 

Advanced Practice:

- Forearm Balance Workshop
How to master pinchamayurasana with Elizabeth Flint


- How to sleep deeply course
Nestle into the night with Sam Belyea @samantha.belyea 

New mummas:

- How to check for ab separation
Rec Check with Tianjin @tianjinlawless 

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The landscape is still changing every day... but t The landscape is still changing every day... but through our daily rituals we find solid ground. 

Join us on the LIVESTREAM this week:

7am Vinyasa with Shauna @shauna_hawkes 
12pm Pilates with Nina @sabey_wellness 

7am Vinyasa with Morgan @morganwebert 
12pm Vinyasa with Lucy @_lucy_vernon 

7am Vinyasa with Katy @unboundembodied 
12pm Mellow with Phoebe @phoebecollinsyoga 

7am Vinyasa with Tianjin @tianjinlawless 
12pm Pilates with Morgan Hill @morgankatehill 

7am Vinyasa with Emily @emilymccarthy 
12pm Yin with Fiona @fionahallamyoga 
Link in our bio to login or gram your free trial
Every little thing, is gonna be ok Plan A was to s Every little thing, is gonna be ok
Plan A was to see you in person this weekend, but not to worry… these days we've always got a plan B. 

While re-opening is postponed a week, here's what's streaming live from the studio this weekend:

Friday 7:00am - Vinyasa with Emily @emilymccarthy 
Friday 12:00pm - Vinyasa with Shauna @shauna_hawkes 

Saturday 8:00am - Vinyasa with Elizabeth @elizabethjflint 
Saturday 9:30am - Pilates with Georgie @tacocathels 

Sunday 8:00am - Vinyasa with Kara @karaannewen 
Sunday 9:30am - Mellow with Katy @unboundembodied 
Sunday 5:30pm - Kundalini + Sound Healing with Aline @alinemeaningfullife 

See ya for cuddles soon, but see you at your place even sooner! 

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Uhg... what a bummer right? Just as we were about Uhg... what a bummer right? Just as we were about to bust out the stretchy pants again we get the news that opening is postponed.

As much as we were hoping to see you this weekend, we're willing to wait a little longer if it means keeping you healthy and well. 

So, in line with the latest updates we've pushed our opening date back another week and will be crossing our fingers to see you again on Saturday July 17th. 

Until then, stay well and join all your favourite teachers on the livestream as we bring M/M to a living room near you.

Check your inbox for updates about your membership or as always, just shoot us a line if you have questions or just want to say hi! We missss you!
Choose your fav flavour and enjoy all this newness Choose your fav flavour and enjoy all this newness online:

30 min Rest into your back body
with Sam Belyea

Out of the Mind and Into the Body
20 min with Shauna Hawkes
Slowing way down
30min With Kat Clayton

Upper Body Spice
15 min with Georgie Elgey

Mellow flow
30 min with Sam Sales

Whole and Complete
20 min with Katy Johnstone 

Beginner’s Pilates Flow
20 min with Lauren Willmot

Heart Rising
20 min with Sarafina Orbe 

Just click ‘this weeks new classes’ for your dose of new classes every day
Did you know that you can put MM in your pocket, d Did you know that you can put MM in your pocket, download your favourite meditations to play them when you're off grid or offline, even filter your favourite teachers or choose classes by body part and how you want to feel? 

Not many of us yogis claim to be technology experts... so let us make it easy for ya. This week we're doubling the livestreams and dropping new classes with all your favs, so grab your phone and a bit of floor space and we'll do the rest. 

Search "Modern Movement Online" in the app store
Happy moving loves!

yin + meditation teacher training 2021

 June 11 – 16 

With yin and myofascial release growing in popularity, all yoga teachers will greatly benefit from an understanding of these therapeutic practices. In this training we take a deep dive into the world of Chinese Medicine, fascia trains and release techniques, TCM meridian energy lines, meditation and mindfulness. We’ll show you how to couple these gentle practices into a powerful healing modality. This 5 day intensive training will give you the wisdom and qualification to teach YIN yoga sequences intelligently and safely. 

Our Locations

Mona Vale



Find out about up Coming Workshops at Modern Movement

Mentoring For Yoga Teachers

Online: Saturday 3rd July

Mentoring For Yoga Teachers with our senior teaching faculty. We discuss core issues that all yoga teachers struggle with from business, to alignment, to confidence. Come with questions and be ready for answers.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Sept – Dec 2021

Join our senior facilitation team for the journey of a lifetime. Whether you wish to become a yoga teacher or deepen your personal practice, this is where it all begins.

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