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The vision for Modern Movement is yoga with purpose. Ask why, and let that curiosity inspire your movement, your breath and your potential.  We create an experience that offers more than just a good sweat (though you’ll definitely get that!) and moves deeper than just the physical body. It’s steeped in ancient wisdom, tradition and deep connection. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s an evolution from the roots of yoga into the modern world of functional movement, psychology, and anatomical biomechanics. We blend the best of where we’ve been, with the intelligence and potential of where we’re going. That’s why we offer more than just traditional yoga.

we need your help

 join us as we support our extended community in the Northern Rivers 

our mission is to raise 10K for Jason


Our family net is expanding as we are called to wrap our arms around our broader community in the Northern Rivers. The catastrophic floods there required immediate action, aid and service of the local community to pull through impossible circumstances. Weeks out, the battle is still only just beginning as these families are still struggling to get back on their feet to any life that resembles normal and local communities are stretched thin having given all that they can give. Just when they thought there was light the unthinkable happens and they are hit with another round of devastating flooding this week
Here is where all of us come in.
The fresh troop of relief with an ability to make a lifechanging difference for one very deserving family in need.

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Happy international Pilates Day this Saturday 🙌 Happy international Pilates Day this Saturday 🙌🏼

Come celebrate with free pilates classes at both studios tomorrow on May 7th. 

We love the integration of core strength and intelligent movement that pilates re-informs in our yoga practice. You'll know exactly what we mean even after just one bum burning session. 

Free pop up Pilates classes:
Saturday 6:30am in Balgowlah with @morgankatehill 
Saturday 12:00pm in Mona Vale with @moorerose 

Click the link in our bio to book your spot 
📷 @tribebyleilajoy
Reawaken the goddess is more than a woman’s shar Reawaken the goddess is more than a woman’s sharing circle. 
It’s a womens’ medicine circle where women gather for deep healing and profound embodiment.

Aline brings the ancient wisdom and practices of kundalini to awaken what has been forgotten within. We use breath, sound, Bhakti and movement to go beyond the conscious mind and reconnect with the core of creation and the divine. 

These medicine circles align with the dark moon to plant the seeds of creation for a new chapter about to begin. 

Meet us there tonight
Sunday May 1st
Balgowlah Studio
With @alinemeaningfullife 

Book your spot through the link in our bio
Away for the long weekend? Take us with you! Th Away for the long weekend? 
Take us with you! 

The M/M online practice app fits in your pocket and means you can practice with your favourite teachers anywhere

New online classes this week:

40min Vinyasa - Inner Ocean with @tianjinlawless 
30min Mellow - Balanced Reset with @fionahallamyoga 
10min Pilates - Upper and Lower Burn with @morgankatehill 
10min Post Natal - Abs and Arms with @movewithnina 

Link to practice and grab your free trial in our bio 🤍

yin + meditation teacher training 2022

SEpt 21 – 25 

With yin and myofascial release growing in popularity, all yoga teachers will greatly benefit from an understanding of these therapeutic practices. In this training we take a deep dive into the world of Chinese Medicine, fascia trains and release techniques, TCM meridian energy lines, meditation and mindfulness. We’ll show you how to couple these gentle practices into a powerful healing modality. This 5 day intensive training will give you the wisdom and qualification to teach YIN yoga sequences intelligently and safely. 

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Find out about up Coming Workshops at Modern Movement

Yin, Sound & Gentle Kirtan

May 21

Join Melissa Kitchen and Benny Holloway for a two hour yin, sound and gentle kirtan experience to honour the introspection and stillness that comes as we transition toward these cooler months.

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Sonic Immersion

May 22

Benny’s hypnotic voice and trancelike soundscape will take you on a 90 minute journey of deep listening – one of seeing without eyes and hearing beyond ears, as we reveal the vast reservoir of silence from which all sound comes from and returns back to.

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Broga: Beer & Yoga For Men

MV: 4th June

Modern Movement has collaborated with Modus Brewery in Mona Vale and Experienced Yoga Teacher Jordan Berger to create a unique offering for Men to connect with self and others in a sensory and social environment.

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