Our signature vinyasa class features a strong, dynamic, physical practice. This class will challenge you and keep you
moving through breath and flow. Available for all ranges from beginners to advanced students, our teachers will always offer you modifications
depending on where you are in your yoga journey.

Every class offers a uniqueness inspired by our wonderful teacher’s vision and experiences. You can be assured that you will receive a great
workout leaving you inspired both physically and mentally. This class is offered in both heated (32 degrees) and non-heated options.

Enjoy the below class to give you a taste of Modern Vinyasa, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Inspiring Morning Vinyasa

Try this short flow to give you a little taste of Modern Movement Vinyasa yoga. This practice will set you up with presence, intelligence and empowerment for the day ahead. Physically we will get energy moving, open up through the front body and then end with a short reading that will inspire resilience, wonder and amazement for the day ahead.