This week long time M/M member and all round legend Natasha Sidoti takes some time to share a little about about herself.

Your favourite pose and why?

Standing tree pose – I love the feeling of ‘poise’ when I manage to enter the pose with strength, balance and lightness. It’s nice sometimes when things just come to us without so much force and effort.

Chair pose – It is SO hard… so uncomfortable…. requires a lot of effort and constant internal monologue regarding alignment. Urgh! I both love and can’t stand this pose. There is something intriguing about what we can’t wait to ‘get through’, I wonder what that is about.

Why did you start yoga?

I was 9 years old and over zealous in my school athletics carnival without training, technique or skill. Not the best of combinations. I did the long jump and landed on my knees. OUCH.

Lower back pain began after this and my Mum introduced me to (iyengar) yoga. It then became the only thing I could do with my Dad without leading to an argument. It was our ‘time’ together, a welcome reprieve and olive branch to our very heated relationship through my adolescence and early adulthood.

Where will we find you off the mat?

  • Reading about herbal medicine and nutrition wherever possible, working at The Gentle Dragon Clinic in Mona Vale (Naturopathy & Nutrition)
  • Looking after my three kids, often at the beach so I can exhale to the horizon and dive deep through those salty waves
  • Our family Café, The Prikly Pair where I indulge in a cooked breakfast and turmeric latte.

Favourite restaurant on the Northern Beaches

Hmmmmm I do love food and am thankful to be married to an Italian chef. For a fancy night out, Dragon Fly in Collaroy does exquisite Thai. For a tasty and affordable family dinner, Cha Rice Noodle in Newport is excellent.

What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list?

  • Specialise in Naturopathic oncology (training begins 2018)
  • Take my oldest son to Prague to explore his heritage
  • Hike with my family somewhere spectacular (could be Alaska, New Zealand…wherever the landscape is all absorbing)

Favourite beach?

The beach that is nearest when I crave a mermaid dip! I have always swum in the ocean all year round… it literally slaps sense and rejuvenation into me.

For now, it is most likely Warriewood beach, we are incredibly lucky to have so many stunning beaches at our doorstep.

What makes you laugh?

  • Pretty much anytime we humans take ourselves too seriously.
  • The delusion of thinking we have it all ‘planned’…. When really it is our adaptability to the curve balls that create life journey milestones.
  • My kids shaking their butts to their favourite songs in the living room

What song do you love to dance too?

  • Love me some afro-latin music, so rhythmic and earthy
  • Moana soundtrack thanks to my 3 year old daughter Phoenix
  • Beyonce thanks to my inner Diva

Your favourite cocktail/drink ?

Meh, not really excited by alcohol, however enjoy Baileys when I have a sweet craving

What was your favourite childhood TV show/movie?

Fern Gully – have always been fascinated by Fairies! My first job was as a  Fairy for kids birthday parties, it came to me all too easily