The energy of the new year is super creative; it’s a time to think laterally, birth new ideas and goals and allow for expansion; so much goodness! But, while I don’t like bursting bubbles…most of these ideas don’t manifest – this is actually a good thing! ( Can you imagine if every single idea you ever had manifested into your reality?! No thanks, we’d all be running around like mad chooks).

But there are some ideas that will not come to light that are meant to. These may be the ones we think of on and off for a long time but do nothing about them or begin the project only to abandon it  half way through, but the idea sticks with us- I’m talking about the ideas that are good and meant for us to manifest but we can’t find the motivation or discipline to finish them. These are oft also the ideas we have strong intuition about.

In my experience without consistency and nurturing an idea will remain just an idea forever more. WE DON’T WANT THAT! The world needs your gifts, it needs whatever ideas are streaming through you, told through your perspective in all of it’s uniqueness.

So; what can you do to make sure you are giving consistency and nurturing to your ideas in order to birth them?;

Be clear on your motivation for creating. By clear I mean unashamedly honest; it also allows you to see through your ego in relation to the idea – for example if your ego has manifested this idea as a quick way to earn more money which is not actually aligned with your core values -you know the idea is one that’s meant to pass (any task you carry out that is driven purely from your ego will quickly become tiresome and not feel good). So, step one – Be super clear; Why am I creating this? Is this aligned with my deepest values? If the answer to question #2 is Yes, then YEY!! Start creating