the space between 

About The Workshop

Feeling like your yoga practice is a little stagnant? Want to Spring clean the old habits that are keeping you stuck? Our practice, just like everything else in our life, can become a little too familiar and routine. We have our favourite spot in the studio, the postures we like more… and the ones we dread! What if you approached them a different way, with a fresh energy and approach? 

This workshop will play with the space between the shapes, so that you can harness the potential to move with more flow, creativity and freedom every time you step onto your mat. Over 2 hours, you will optimise breath and bandhas, to reinvigorate your practice with new transitions, that elevate and expand your experience of yoga asana.

Suitable to any level of prior practice.


Rose Moore


Date: Sunday Sept 18th

Time: 11:00 – 1:00pm


$49 for members (available to purchase in studio)

$59 for non members