About The Workshop
That sound when the last resounding echo yields back to the nothing from where it was born. It’s a place where nothing exists and at the same time… eternity.

We’ll be waiting for you there. Benny’s hypnotic voice and trancelike soundscape will take you on a 90 minute journey of deep listening – One of seeing without eyes and hearing beyond ears, as we reveal the vast reservoir of silence from which all sound comes from and returns back to.
Prepare yourself for a deep dive into inner space and total stillness.


About Benny: 

Benny Holloway is a soulful soundophile and self-taught artist travelling the world sharing his healing vibrations.

Through live electronic looping and weaving his voice with guitar he creates psychedelic ambient sound baths encouraging the listener on a compelling introspective journey.

His stirring and evocative tones are like sonic acupuncture, penetrating the densest layers of body and mind to encourage that deeper state of inward connection.

He has become renowned for playing alongside yoga and meditation at International festivals and events such as Wanderlust Festival’s and Chamonix Yoga Festival as well as retreats and workshops alongside Lara Zilibowitz, and other influential teachers including Shiva Rea, Meghan Currie, Janet Stone and Eoin Finn.


Instagram & Facebook: @benny_holloway

•workshop tickets are non-refundable

benny holloway

MM Balgowlah


22 May 2022


7:30pm – 8:30PM