Restore and release

About The Workshop

Fascia is connective tissue that can be found everywhere- sitting superficially just under the skin like a body suit and deeper wrapping around and weaving through muscles creating lines of inner connectivity through out the body. Over time, from injuries, overuse, poor posture, or faulty movement patters fascia can become restricted or adhered causing discomfort, restricting range of motion, and impairing communication within the body. This two part workshop combines myofascial release and longer held supported poses to release adhesions and stimulate fibres create a more uniform wave to fascia, promote hydration within the tissues, and release toxins.

Part 1 will look at the upper body- releasing and lengthening tissues around the low back, abdomen, shoulder girdle and neck.
Part 2 will cover the lower body- unwinding hips and surrounding musculature around the legs down to the feet.




Part 1: Sat Feb 8th 1-3pm

Part 2:  Sat Feb 22nd 1-3pm


$45 each OR

$80 both