Petra’s passion for Yoga is unconditional. She loves everything about the practice, the asanas, the breath, the philosophy, the movement, the freedom, the beautiful awareness and the ability to just be.

Born in Brazil, her Yoga journey started in Australia about 9 years ago. What first attracted Petra to yoga was the physical aspect of the practice I was there for the strength and flexibility and the physical aspect of the practice soon led me to a deeper interest into the spiritual practice.

Petra believes that every time we step on our yoga mat it is our own opportunity to play, to explore, to be curious, to be free, to be creative, to heal, to connect and to be open to unlimitless possibilities.

Watching her students moving, breathing and diving into their potential is what feeds and inspires her. Her classes can be strong and challenging (in a good way:) and also nurturing and full of love!