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The vision for Modern Movement is yoga with purpose. Ask why, and let that curiosity inspire your movement, your breath and your potential.  We create an experience that offers more than just a good sweat (though you’ll definitely get that!) and moves deeper than just the physical body. It’s steeped in ancient wisdom, tradition and deep connection. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s an evolution from the roots of yoga into the modern world of functional movement, psychology, and anatomical biomechanics. We blend the best of where we’ve been, with the intelligence and potential of where we’re going. That’s why we offer more than just traditional yoga.





Our part time course takes place over 5 long weekends with a 5 day Byron Retreat Immersion fully included. Our teaching vision is to create leaders who master their daily living through deep understanding of their own psychology, subtle energies and physical healing. Our expert team come with mastery from all over the globe to create a learning environment that makes even the most complex of topics become personal, relevant and easy to access no matter who you are or how much experience you have. 




Every Thursday is Acupuncture Day in Balgowlah!
Spaces available  t o d a y.
After years of Yin and Pins collaborations with our long time friend and expert practitioner, Martine; we made the pins a permanent addition to our services. Martine has been running the Acupuncture Collective for almost a decade. Her vision is to make the medicine strong and treatments accessible for all. One of the many reasons we love her so much. 
The clinic is open every Thursday between 11:00am-3:30pm
Sessions are 30 min long
Investment just $25 per session 
Book through the link in our bio

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Announcing the winners of the Mother’s Day Gift Announcing the winners of the Mother’s Day Gift Pack!

We LOVED getting to see the celebration of so many gorgeous mums out there! 
Thank you for helping us name and cherish so many deserving, humble, loving mothers. Each tag feels like a warm embrace as we draw our attention to every name on list with a reverent bow of gratitude. 
Thank you for all that you do to raise the children of our future. We see you.

We couldn’t draw just one name with so so many mothers who deserve to be cherished! So we added a few extra goodies as we excitedly announce the winners:

1st Prize - The full Gift Pack goes to

2nd Prize - MM Online Membership + 2 hr bodywork session with @intuitive_bodybliss goes to @leighpkarlstrom 

3rd Prize - MM online membership + MM canvas tote goes to @perkypike 

4th Prize - MM online membership + MM canvas tote @munckey 

Special thanks to the incredible women and mothers who share their talents so generously with others:

📷 @kc_minis
This is a public service announcement... to make s This is a public service announcement... to make sure you’re sitting down before you read this post.

Byron has claimed another 😭😭😭
Our beloved Rose is gallivanting off into the sunset to go and live her best life. Something about peace and happiness and adventure ... or whatever. So if any of you are planning a trip to Byron; be careful- it seems like most people don’t come back 😂

But in all seriousness Rose has been considering the move for some time and the biggest thing keeping her (against her will) has been you. The legends of MM and the beauty of this little community.

So Rose, it is with a heavy and very selfish heart that we finally set you free to expand, explore, evolve and love.

Thank you for staying for so long to pour your heart and soul into our family. Thank you for your down to earth wit, no nonsense sass, insane yoga sequences and for being a pillar of support in the most challenging of times. A weapon of a human being, teacher and friend. Words can’t describe how much well miss you until your next visit (which will hopefully be really soon)

Infinite love to you girl
Happy last day today

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That feeling when you rock up to practice ready to That feeling when you rock up to practice ready to absolutely rock it... and someone’s phone rings 😒
Total buzz kill right?

Just a love note to all you rockstars to please leave phones, smart watches and anything that dings and beeps out in the lockers.

Oh ya, and when it goes in your locker please put it on silent because those morning alarms turn into a full on rave until you finish class 🥴

The studio is a sacred place to loose track of time, to-do lists and life’s expectations for a little while.

Help us respect sacred silence by chatting in reception instead of the studio before class and leaving all the smart phones and things outta the space.

Thank you, you rock


 MARCH 17 – 21ST


With yin and myofascial release growing in popularity, all yoga teachers will greatly benefit from an understanding of these therapeutic practices. In this training we take a deep dive into the world of Chinese Medicine, fascia trains and release techniques, TCM meridian energy lines, meditation and mindfulness. We’ll show you how to couple these gentle practices into a powerful healing modality. This 5 day intensive training will give you the wisdom and qualification to teach YIN yoga sequences intelligently and safely. 

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Find out about up Coming Workshops at Modern Movement

Resonance: Sound Healing & Free Movement

Date: June 18th

Guided into a rhythmic vinyasa and free form movement, Katy and Benny will take you on a sensory journey leaving you in reverence and resonance with the pulsing vibration that holds us all.

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Exploring The Handstand

Date: June 13th

If you want take things to the next level and to learn how to: effectively set up & kick up, build strength & increase the duration of your hold, improve your balancing skills & have fun- this workshop is for you!

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Unlocking Your Stars

Date: May 23rd

Join Phoebe for an afternoon of Astrology and unlock the wisdom of this ancient celestial language and discover what makes up your Primal Triad – Your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign.

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