The Love Code – With Morgan Webert


Unlock the power of universal love by cultivating a path to the heart using both ancient techniques from the Yogic tradition as well as modern techniques from Heart Math Science and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Morgan will guided you through a beautiful journey of yin yoga, mantra, self inquiry, meditation and sound healing to soften and release all the barriers to love within you. You’ll leave with an open heart and simple yet powerful tools to let love permeate all aspects of your life with light and power.

Morgan is a trained Holistic Counsellor, Ayurvedic Health Coach, EFT Tapping Therapist and experienced Yoga & Meditation teacher. She weaves together her background into cohesive practices and tools that empower people to find balance and vibrance in all areas of life.


Saturday Sept 26th

1:15 – 3:45pm


MM Balgowlah