Exploring the handstand

About The Workshop
This workshop is designed for the yogi(ni) who’s comfortable with the idea of handstands & has spent time playing around with kicking up, whether or not you’ve ever held a handstand doesn’t matter.
If you want take things to the next level and to learn how to: effectively set up & kick up, build strength & increase the duration of your hold, improve your balancing skills & have fun- this workshop is for you! 


Over the 2 hours we’ll revisit the fundamentals of what makes a handstand, look at supporting tactics like utlising the wall / partner work to help increase time upside down, ways to build a handstand training program to help you overcome any plateaus and have a play with the most elusive thing of all… finding your balance!

Also this is perfect for those that have watched Dan’s 5 part HS series on MM Online. •workshop tickets are non-refundable



Daniel Barley 


Date: Sunday 13th June

Time: 12:15-2:15pm