Charli Armstrong

Charli’s passion for yoga started in her early twenties when travelling through Central America. What started as exercise, quickly transformed into something more. She was surprised how the simple practice of breath and body was so powerful in grounding her in a more positive and present state whilst eliminating anxieties she once struggled with.

Completing her initial training with Power Living, Charli went on to study yin and has a background in teaching yoga for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Although her classes can be strong, she is passionate about making yoga available to everyone, offering modifications to tailor classes to individual needs.

Her favourite quote is:

“Saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath”

When practicing one of Charli’s classes her love for teaching is made apparent through her philosophy, energy and connection with students. When she is not in the yoga room you can find her at the beach, in the surf or camping with friends.