About The Workshop
Improve your Flexibility & Freedom in your Backbends with Kat Clayton.
Join Kat for a spine-tingling workshop to increase your flexibility, unlock your upper back, chest & shoulders and take you to unexpected places of movement and freedom in your body.
This workshop is not just for flexible “bendy” yogis, it’s designed to take your practice to the next level and safely deepen your backbends – whether it’s mastering upward dog, wheel, full bow pose or scorpion!
Backbends help strengthen and build elasticity in your spine, correct poor postural habits, improve circulation and reverse the effects of modern day desk-bound lifestyle. Join us for back-bending to invigorate your heart, mind and body.
About KatKat combines 14 years teaching experience with her passion for empowering students to explore and deepen their practice. Kat leads teacher trainings, retreats, teacher mentoring and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga, philosophy, meditation and inversions to enable her students to challenge their limits, move and feel better.




DATE: Sept 12

TIME: 1:00 – 3:30pm

COST: $69