You brought me back to life Alice!! Thank you!

– Julie


I guide shapes, asanas, poses and enjoy sitting deeply in the now. Teaching full time for over a decade, the way in which I hold space for my students is unhurried, steady, strong and supportive, with a big old dose of realness. A dance Instructor, before I found my mat, teaching is like breathing, to me. Adding to my initial 500 hour TT by attending workshops, masterclasses and advanced training with the likes of Kathryn Budig, Patrick Beach, Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers over the years has aided me in developing my own distinct style.


What qualities make a great yoga teacher that you strive to emulate?

Compassion. Realness. Presence

When are you happiest?

Dancing around my room with my dog eating PICS crunchy peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon blaring Elton Johns ‘ Tiny Dancer’ on repeat.

Where can we find you off the mat?

These days, I can be found splitting my time between my little flower Dahlia, teaching in- studio and online. Always with an almond latte in hand, manifesting my dream home in the country with a wrap-around verandah, a place where neighbours are a distant memory.