Enter the world of subtle yoga and learn how to synthesise gentle practices into a powerful healing modality
in this accredited 50hr intensive training. 


You’ll gain the wisdom and qualification to teach YIN yoga sequences intelligently and safely. Whether or not you wish
to be a Yin or Meditation teacher, these methods can be applied to your personal routine for self healing or general flow
classes for deep tissue release.


– The world of Chinese Medicine
– Fascia trains and release techniques

– TCM meridian energy lines

– Meditation and mindfulness 


At the end of this 50 hour teacher training you will receive a certificate from Yoga Alliance towards your 300HR qualification.


Note: You do not need to be a qualified yoga teacher to take part in this course


Mon 16th October to Fri 20th October

8:00am – 6:00pm each day


Bilgola Surf Club, Northern Beaches


$1399 Full Price (payment plan available)


Melissa Kitchen

Lead Facilitator, Energetic Anatomy, Teaching Methodology

Mel studied the psychology of health back in the American Rockies and found it echoed perfectly by the spiritual teachings of one of her first yoga masters in the Indian Himalayas during her first traditional yogic training. Determined to close the gap of modern neuroscience and ancient spirituality she has been teaching since
 2012 and teaching teachers since 2016. Deeply inspired by the shamanic and indigenous masters she learns from, Mel brings the physical body, mental body and energy bodies together to create teaching experiences that reach every level of the human experience.


Practice with Mel

The Ties That Bind Yin

In yogic philosophy there are “Granthis” in the body; knots along the spine where energy can’t flow. In physiotherapy, there are trigger points, blocked tissue where nutrients can’t flow. In this practice we fold ancient philosophy with modern anatomy to unbind the key knots in the tissues along the low back, shoulders and neck (locations of the 3 key Granthis) to let fluids and electricity move freely through the spinal body.

30 minutes with Melissa Kitchen

Props needed: Blanket and block

Enquire for M/M 50HR Yin YTT