Yin Sound Scape with Shauna and Citadel

About The Workshop

During this 2 hour workshop, allow yourself to be supported by the yin practice and nurtured through sound and energy healing. Through these powerful practices we will create space, nourishment, heart opening, and restoration.

Expect to leave feeling deeply rested, grounded and renewed.


Shauna has been teaching yoga since 2008! Her teaching is authentic and strong. Her aim is to balance the mind, body and spirit in each practice.

Shauna comes from a background in Social Work.  She worked as a senior counselor in a group home for drug and alcohol addicted teenagers, a case worker at a male maximum security prison, and a counselor for women with unplanned pregnancy. Doing this work, Shauna has developed a compassionate understanding for people, which has impacted her teaching in positive ways


Citadel is a singer/songwriter/healer and intuitive and is passionate about creating spaces through sound, energy and song for you to return to your heart and soul. She draws apon her multi-faceted skills and passions to create truly unique and powerful experiences. She has led chanting, moon circles, breathwork and sound healing journeys, manifestation workshops, is a Reiki Master and channels intuitive energy healing. She has released two EPs and a full length album called, Birth of the Wolf. Her songs speak to the path of self development and provide hope and heart opening for all that tune in. She has performed and led workshops globally at Woodford Folk Festival, Subsonic Festival, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Om Rising USA, South Coast Soul Festival and Unity Festival.




7:00 – 9:00pm