Tianjin Lawless Jennings

Tianjin went with her Mum to her very first yoga class at a very young age. Even as a teenager she already felt the benefits of the practice and soon realised how yoga affected her life in positive ways and on many levels. Tianjin is from Sydney, Australia and has lived in London and Amsterdam.  She has taught yoga, run workshops and hosted retreats throughout Europe.  Now a Mother to two children she is back in her homeland and continuing her passions

Over the years she studied, worked in the corporate and food industries, started her family business; Flawless Feast, and traveled.  Her yoga practice was something she always turned to. She practiced many styles and her practice deepened, deciding to become a teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in Australia in 2010. She started teaching in Australia, continued to further her yoga education and then relocated to Amsterdam to continue this journey.  During her first pregnancy she qualified in Prenatal Yoga in London and continued her studies into Ayurveda in the Netherlands.

In a lighthearted and fun way, Tianjin uses the wisdom of Ayurveda in her Yoga classes as a way for students to find balance in their lives and experience their true potential.

Tianjin teaches a range of styles and her classes adapt with the ever-changing seasons, as they affect the way we move in our body and how the mind functions.

As well as being seasonal, her classes are fun, dynamic, nourishing and accessible.

Through particular yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and establishing a realistic daily routine, Tianjin believes that we can keep our bodies and minds balanced, vital and healthy as we move through the seasons.