The Involution – Embracing the Magic of Yin Workshop



Winter offer us an invitation to slow down, draw awareness inward, and steep in the space of self reflection. This gentle involution supports us to use our energy in a sustainable and intentional way through all the seasons of life. Join Rose for a candlelit evening of Meditation, Journalling and Yin Yoga. Under the potent presence of the full moon, you’ll attune your senses to your subliminal beliefs, shedding patterns that belong to a past iteration of Self and allowing for somatic integration. Weaving in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the felt aspect of this practice will create the space for you to reconnect to the intelligence within, leaving you with a sense of renewal and clarity.


Studio: Mona Vale  
Date: Saturday 20th of July
Time: 5:45pm – 7:15pm
Teacher: Rose Moore