STOKE THE FIRE with lucy


Winter, a time of year that offers space for introspection and reflection, but also a time 

to embrace the bright flame that resides inside us, like a candle in the darkness, allowing our inner radiance to shine through the depths of the coldest, darkest season. 

This masterclass will be an exploration of our internal flame, how to create heat and how to gently fan the flame when needed, in order to find balance, cultivate agni and absorb prana, the life force that’s endlessly offered up to us. 

Honoring the energies and qualities of winter enables us to live with intention, in harmony with one’s self and our environment.

Come stoke the fire, all welcome.


Sunday 25th of June 2:00-3:30pm
Mona Vale – Lucy 


Free for members
Drop in rate for non-members $29