SPring REnewal – Yin and sound bath

About The Workshop

With Charli Armstrong and Dean Richards
Spring is nature’s cycle of regeneration, renewal and expansion.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine this time is associated with the Wood element, the element of growth and new beginnings. Join Charli and Dean (musician) for an exploration of yin and sound. We will embrace the elements of spring, shedding old unwanted layers and the dormant elements of winter in exchange for self nourishment and the conscious choice to begin again.
This yin workshop invites us to cultivate more balance, nourish our bodies internal systems, increase circulation, reduce stress, release fascial tissue to improve ROM and revitalise through the practice of deep relaxation.
We will also be accessing meridian points and mindfulness practices to further support us in embodying our fresh intentions for the new season.
To close our practice we will be gifted with a sound bath as our cells settle in and adapt to their new revitalised state



Date: Saturday 14th September

Time: 1-3pm

Investment: $49