Sam Sales

Sam first discovered Yoga whilst living in Bali. Coming from a background in dance it was the asana that drew her in initially, fluid movements and the strength that it created within the physical body, it just felt like home from the first practise. Many years traveling the world as a dancer lead to a feeling of instability and there was always a level of competitiveness trying to get the next job. It was only on the mat that she was able to come to the realisation that only person she was competing with was herself.

Her personal practise quickly evolved off the mat and became a way of life, she started to see her life truly blossoming and thats when the passion for yoga was really ignited. Always a student you will find her classes influenced by the traditional Tantric teachings, and weaved through whatever the current astrological state may be.

With over 8 years experience as a Pilates instructor Sam comes with a depth of anatomical knowledge and a true passion for mobility and working with your body rather than against it. When you come to class you will find a juicy free flowing style that is driven by your presence and breathe, a balance of suka- sthira, yin- yang, grounding- lightness, awareness-fun.