Re-Wilding the Feminine

About The Workshop
This workshop is for women to immerse themselves in the beauty of the sacred feminine, exploring the medicine wheel, the rites of passage of womanhood, the sacred practice of menstruation and through this anchoring deeply into a wild sense of sacred union with body, mind
and spirit.
– The medicine wheel offers a platform to understand our true nature as Women and how the menstrual cycle is our compass and key to unlock the door for deep healing, spiritual awakening, and an inspired sense of personal power and purpose as a woman.
– Rites of passage are seldom honoured within our currant mainstream paradigm and not much is understood about the rites of passage of womanhood, initiated through a Woman’s womb story. This workshop will explore the four seasons of womanhood and how these rites of passage can be healed, honoured and celebrated for the collective healing of the feminine.
*Suitable for yoni owners of all ages and circumstances.



Anki Groening

Date and Time

March 7th 12:00 – 3:30 







Anki from Sacred Rising is a midwife, shamanic crafts woman and Women’s mystery teacher, passionate about sacred womens business. Anki’s uses ritual, ceremony, sister circles and deep process work to help women reclaim their divine feminine selves, wholeheartedly and fully grounded in the body. Re-wilding the feminine is a journey of remembrance, into our natural state of wellness and aliveness.

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