About The Workshop


This weekend is for women at any stage of their pregnancy.
Beautiful Mama’s this weekend is for you! Time to step away. Time to connect to yourself and your baby. Time to focus on this special journey of pregnancy, preparing for birth, and preparing for this very special Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother or the sacred transition into becoming Mother again; the greatest threshold that a woman will cross.

During these sessions together we will:

– Move our bodies (please wear comfortable yoga clothes).
– Practice and discuss pregnancy and birth specific breathing techniques/ Pranayama.
– Discuss the stages of labour, hormones and how you can use the power of the breath and specific movement during labour to support you and baby.
– Discuss possible birthing positions (which we alsopractice in yoga) and how they can assist in labour.
– Pelvic floor practices for birth and for healing postpartum.
– Look at how you can care and nourish yourself and your baby for the remainder of your pregnancy.
– Delve deep into postnatal tips for your own healing, strengthening, connecting with baby, breastfeeding, yoga and specific foods and drinks for healing, supporting your digestive system, milk production and to nourish baby.
– You will be given a booklet to take home with you.


Tianjin Lawless Jennings

Date and Time

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th of March
12:00 – 3 Saturday and 11-3 Sunday


$99 ($89 for members)

*workshop tickets are non-refundable


MM Balgowlah


Tianjin has been teaching prenatal and postnatal specific workshops to women both here in Australia and Europe since 2015. It is a collection of teachings and experiences that she has gathered and learnt over the last decade as a Yoga Teacher, a Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, from her studies in Ayurveda, and from her own personal pregnancies, her 3 beautiful birthing experiences and her daily rituals and lifestyle.

As a holistic system of self-healing and spiritual growth, Ayurveda and Yoga has much to offer the pregnant and post-natal woman. Becoming alive to the deep wisdom of your own inner teacher will enable you to reap the many benefits which yoga has to offer you and your child during your pregnancy, through birth, and for a smooth transition into post-natal recovery and beyond.