Pregnancy yoga Weekend course

About The Workshop

Never has pregnancy yoga been so vital in a time when women are even busier than ever before. Taking this time to step away, to breathe and to connect within to you and your growing babies and this incredible process.

In this weekend course we will:

– Find a balance between strengthening and stabilising postures to build stamina, courage and power in the body as you prepare for birth

– Learn stretching, conscious breathing and relaxation to connect within and create space for you and your growing baby.

– Practice effective and simple pelvic floor exercises.

– Discuss important hormonal changes, effective tools for labour and the importance of preparing for the postnatal stage/ the “4th trimester”. 

Specific movements and breathing are extremely effective at alleviating tension that accumulates during pregnancy and is a great practice for birth preparation. Practicing this during our pregnancy creates a much greater chance that we will instinctively use the tools of breath and movement as we birth our babies into the world.

Please note we will be practicing together on both days so please wear comfortable yoga clothes.



Tianjin Lawless Jennings

Date and Time

Sat Nov 2nd 12:30 – 3:30pm
And Sun Nov 3rd 11am – 1pm