“Beautiful grounding class. A wonderful start to my day”

Morgan Webert

How did you get into yoga?

My first yoga classes were as an awkward pre-teen at dance school, can’t say I loved it…but I really got INTO yoga when I was 19, struggling with an autoimmune disorder diagnosis, starting Uni and all the anxiety that comes with being that age. I started an ashtanga yoga introduction course and was hooked immediately. I don’t think I knew how to breath deeply before that! Mindful breath and moment saved me, supporting me to find peace through my diagnosis and truly every big life change I’ve been through since. 

What’s your favourite thing to teach?

I love teaching embodied philosophy, metaphors as movement and exploring the big questions of life not just with our mind but with our body, breath and feelings. 
What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen happen in the yoga/pilates room? 

I taught yoga in Mexico for 2 years before I came to Australia at a lovely open air studio that overlooked the ocean (take me back! 😉 One day right in the middle of class a guy comes running in screaming, “Janet Janet the tsunami is coming we have to get out of here!” Little did my blissed out yoga class know but an earthquake had just struck in South America and this man was sure the tsunami was imminent. Turns out Janet was the tsunami as she proceeded to blast her husband with expletives for interrupting the class and her bliss. Between the domestic and the threat of a tsunami the class went into total chaos. Everyone cleared the studio and just three of us remained sitting there stunned. Eventually one of them said, “Well, should we finish the class.”