Katie is one of the best yoga instructor I’ve ever experienced .. I love all her classes. As a spiritually awaken soul I love the wise words Katie shares in her classes.

KATy johnstone

How did you get into yoga/pilates?
My first yoga class was with an 85 year old legend in the mountains on Pai, Thailand. She was the only Hindu in the town and looks about 35 years old. She took us in at her forest home and taught us simple sun salutations linked with breath, but what shined through the most as her bright, young spirit and presence. I learned so much from her spending just a few hours reshaped my entire understanding of joy, presence and peace. It was the start of a life long journey with this wonderful practice.. 
What is the greatest lesson yoga/pilates has taught you?
The experiences you have on your mat can be a mirror for what is happening in your life. 
There is a part of me that’s always changing and evolving, and a part of me that is always still. This part of me is consciousness itself. 
Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_______
I always try to look on the brightside and will encourage and empower you to be anything you want to be. 
I live for the drop of a very good tribal house song.
Music = life. 
What is your least favourite pose, Why?
Twisted Pyramid pose is my arch nemesis…. but it has taught me SO MUCH about patience, stability, presence, the thoughts in my mind, the power of my body and my capacity to be. 
What would you most regret not having done at the end of your life?
I would most regret having spent too many days worrying. 
I would most regret having not told as many people as I can, I love them. 
I would most regret wasting precious breaths on things that don’t matter. 
I would most regret forgetting to look up.