“Fiona was so unbelievably knowledgeable and so soothing and it really was, just what I needed. Everything was also so well thought out including the sequence, the smells and the lighting. Just perfect. Thank you.”

– Charlotte



How did you get into yoga/pilates?

Throughout most of my childhood and early adulthood, I loved to dance.  I went on to study performing arts and education at university. Part of the training throughout included Pilates to support core strength and stability.  On one occasion I joined what I thought was my regular Pilates class to find it was more dimly lit and commenced with a ‘chant’  (the OM!) by the instructor, but I ‘went with the flow’ and enjoyed learning many new aspects of Yoga.   At the end of the class, I discovered the timetables at the studio had been changed and I had accidentally, but fortuitously stumbled upon my first yoga class! 

 I loved the additional benefits my body and mind felt; the poses/asanas impacted the physical body internally, externally as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   It quickly became a complementary discipline for me while teaching at secondary school and traveling,  I found yoga grounded and calmed me, especially during emotional and challenging transitions in my life.  

As I became more dedicated, and curious I wanted to deepen my knowledge, experience and understanding.  I pursued opportunities to study more intensely and travelled to India for teacher/training course and have continued to expand my love and knowledge of various styles of yoga, loving the opportunity to share my findings. 

What is the greatest lesson yoga/pilates has taught you?

I have found yoga to be a blessing in my life.  Amongst the many lessons learnt, I have become more present, learnt to appreciate a new ability to slow down, create space to come home to my body and found a deeper self-awareness.  I continue to test and challenge myself, learning to respond rather than to react to life’s challenges.

Fill in the blank:  if you really knew me, you’d know …

That I like to wake before the sun rises.  I appreciate that “hangry” is a real thing and I am a true chocoholic.

When are you the happiest?

I absolutely love being in warm sunshine, at the beach or in the ocean, out in nature or in the kitchen grooving to good music while cooking.   Combined with being surrounded with loved ones and I am at my very happiest.  

How do you relax after a hard day at work?

As my sisters and I call it, just FLOP!  I love to chill with a warm drink, nourishing food and just chill.   Be still, be quiet and reflect.