80 hour training advanced energetic anatomy

sept 3 - 5 & sept 10 - 13


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    80 hour training divided into 2 parts

    Part 1: 30 hours  Women’s Health                                    Cycles, fertility, hormones, sacred rites of passage, anatomy + self care according to Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Science

    Part 2 : 50 hours  Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training  Asana, pranayama, modifications, anatomy, sequencing, birth, labour and postnatal deep dive

    Join us for just Part 1, just Part 2 separately or dive in for the full immersion of both to create a powerful journey through the full 80 hours and save $400 on tuiton

    who’s it for?

    This course is designed for yoni owners of all ages, who would like to deepen their knowing of their own bodies, cycles and natural hormonal rhythms for healing, balance and personal empowerment; you do not need to be a yoga teacher to take this course. For those who do want to become a pre/post natal yoga teacher, part 2 is where we take a deep dive into the world of yoga teaching. 









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    what we cover in the training:

    Part 1:

    30 hours $690

    August 9 – 11

    This course is designed for yoni owners of all ages, who would like to deepen their knowing of their own bodies, cycles and natural hormonal rhythms for healing, balance and personal empowerment. 

    What we cover:

    • Female anatomy, natural variations, what your incredible body is doing all through your cycle and what can go wrong

    • Hormones, diet and modern science to re-inform what a period should feel like and how to get it back on track

    • The Medicine Wheel + sacred rites of passage of a woman from birth through life according to shamanism

    • The 4 phases of a monthly flow along with their corresponding archetypes, super powers, hormonal shifts and gifts. Learn to take charge of your monthly cycle and use each chapter as a specific map to work with your fluctuations for clarity and power

    • Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Shamanistic practices for yoni health, balancing hormones and self care

    • Fertility, preparing for pregnancy and staying balanced

    • Trouble-shooting common ailments, imbalances and dysfunctions.

    Part 2:

    50 Hours $1290

    Aug 12- 15

    This course is designed for those who would like to learn how asana, pranayama and meditation become some of the most powerful tools available to help a women cross the threshold from maiden to mother.

    What we cover:

    • Anatomy + Hormones : The magic of the uterus, placenta, pelvic girdle pain and hormonal and postural changes throughout pregnancy. The anatomy of birth and asana for stages of labor. Mapping the pelvic floor, support, control and release into birthing
    • Asana : How to modify postures for different stages of pregnancy, postures to avoid, postures to do and yoga therapy for common ailments during pregnancy
    • Pranayama: Benefits of connecting to the breath in pregnancy, for birth and postpartum recovery. Which to avoid and which are encouraged throughout pregnancy and labor.
    • Meditation + Yoga nidra : Practices and mudras for deep rest, relaxation and presence in an ever changing body. Moving through fear, trusting body wisdom, working through past trauma and family/social birth stories
    • Self Care: Mizan abdominal massage for cycle issues, fertility and how to do it. Yoni steams, castor oil packs and ayurvedic self care tools
    • Postnatal stage / The “4th trimester” : Childbirth as a rite of passage, Immediate postpartum and basic essentials in theory. Practices for how to nurture, restore vitality and tools for self care over this time

    payment options

    Join us for part 1 only, part 2 only or save $500 with the immersion of both

    part 1 only


    Payment plans available

    This gives you 30 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and access to all course content for part 1: Womens Health and Cycles

    part 2 only


    Payment plans available

    This gives you 50 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and access to all course content for part 2: Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

    part 1 + 2 immersion


    Save $500 when you book the immersion of both parts

    Payment plans available

    This gives you 80 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and access to all course content for part 1: Women’s Health + Cycles & Part 2: Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

    your senior teaching team

    Melissa Kitchen

    Senior Facilitator, teacher trainer and head of yoga at MM. Mel’s specialty has always been the psychology of yoga and the energy body. Yet, 3 years into her yoga teaching journey she was initiated into the world of the divine feminine when her own feminine parts began to fail. Determined to heal naturally, her path led her to train with the finest minds from Allopathic Western Specialists to Chinese Medicine doctors to Ayurvedic Specialists and Indigenous Shamans. What she discovered was a rich body of forgotten practices and science that changed her body and path forever. Determined to close the gap between modern lifestyle and traditional wisdom Mel teaches the core truths where every style of medicine meet to offer power and wisdom to women of all ages. 


    Tianjin Lawless- Jennings

    Senior Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy & postnatal Yoga Teacher, Mizan Therapist (Abdominal Massage, Womb Steaming & Castor Oil Packs), Placenta Remedy Specialist, Ayurveda Enthusiast, Trainee Doula & Mother. Tianjin has an incredible passion for working with women. Her greatest joy is in creating sacred space for women to explore their connection within themselves while supporting and encouraging their self-care.Tianjin followed her calling to teach yoga in 2010 studying Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative with the IYTA (International Yoga Teacher’s Association) in Sydney and at that time her mentor was a Ryoho Japanese Yoga Teacher who introduced her to the power of working with meridians and organ systems. During her first pregnancy in 2014, whilst living in Amsterdam, she qualified in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga in London studying with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and then continued studies into Ayurveda & Yoga in the Netherlands with Tory Hyndman (a direct student of Dr Vasant Lad). She is currently training to become a Doula with Ibu Robin Lim and has attended births alongside home-birth midwives here in Sydney.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What’s included:

    All lectures + your course manual with sequences and diagrams + your certificate with Yoga Alliance

    What’s not included:

    Meals and snacks during training days

    Where is the course being held:

    2/2 Wattle Rd Brookvale


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