Elizabeth’s teaching is more than the sum of her flowing choreography, her melodic and soothing voice, and her gentle, precise adjustments. Elizabeth has the unique ability to meld her transparence of heart into her teaching practice so that you feel the compassion, fearlessness and peace that is the essence of everything she does.

– Liz

Elizabeth Flint 

How did you get into yoga?

I started practicing yoga in college in Phoenix, Arizona. I felt so relaxed after that first class I never looked back. Within a few months I was enrolled in my first teacher training. 

What is the greatest lesson yoga has taught you?

The greatest lesson yoga has taught me is how to show up for my life even when it’s scary or uncomfortable and that consistency and enthusiasm are the keys to lifelong success and wellbeing.

Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know….

If you knew me really well you would know that I love reading about near death experiences and I sing along with every song even if I don’t really know the words.

What qualities make a great teacher that you strive to emulate?

Beyond being an expert in their craft, the qualities I believe make a great teacher are a willingness to be real even when it’s messy and the ability to encourage students in a genuine way. 

When are you the happiest?

I’m the happiest when I am fully engaged in something I’m passionate about, whether it’s teaching yoga, running in nature, writing or snuggling my children.