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April 16th
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home to the heart

Following the almost overnight sellout of the spinal day retreat, we’d like to invite you along to part 2… the heart.
This is a calling back to you. A day to press pause, wrap your arms around yourself and fall into your own presence. Your body is not only your vehicle for experiencing life, but also the storage site of all the experiences of your life.
When we understand how to read the body’s signals, deepen our senses and turn attention  inwards we can find blockages, disruptions and stagnant energy patterns ready to be liberated.
In this retreat, our focus is your hṛ́daya; heart centre. We’ll look at the shoulders, neck, head, jaw, lungs, heart and chest. Your life givers and your ability to gather prana (breath) and distribute that lifeforce with ease through the rest of your vessel.
We will use the wisdom of yoga, kinesiology, body work, breathwork, marma release points and Traditional Chinese Medicine to show you how to heal your own body and share these tools with those around you.

Day Itinerary

Arrival from 7:45am

8:00am Mellow Flow yoga practice
9:30 Morning tea and fruit
10:00 Energetic anatomy of the heart and shoulders
1:00 Organic lunch
2:00 Marma points workshop + release practices
3:30 Yoga Nidra, breath, kriya + Sound
5:00pm Wrap up and head home

the details


Melissa Kitchen


Carma House 24 Park St Mona Vale

Date + time:

Sunday April 16th 8:00am – 5:00pm



*Please note that due to the nature of this event refunds, credits and cancellations cannot be made once purchased


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What’s included:

Organic lunch and morning fruit, tea, full day of practices, meditations, workshops





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