The best vinyasa class I have experienced in months!

– Santi


What is the greatest lesson yoga has taught you?
Yoga is constantly teaching me how to keep my mind where my body is, and my heart open.
If you really knew me, you’d know…
I’m all about the balance. Yoga by day, red wine by night. Eat chocolate for the soul, kale for the body. Dance and be wild and free. Take pause in deep stillness. Celebrate your people, but honour your own truth. Embrace every aspect of yourself, and do what makes you happy.
What is your least favourite pose?
Mmm… I suppose I don’t have one, because nestled within my dislike for certain poses is love and appreciation for the balm they provide. I’ve learnt the ones we like least are the ones we need most. 
Tip: don’t tell me the poses you don’t like, because you can imagine what I’ll do with that information!
What’s your most embarrassing teacher moment?
Gosh I feel like I rewrite this one every day. Just come to class and you’ll see!
When are you the happiest?
Barefoot on the beach.