Awesome way to welcome the weekend. Refreshing with positive and calm vibe. Thank you so much for this amazing class.

– Nitin

Courtney Rose

How did you get into yoga?
I broke both (yes both) my arms as a teenager in the depths of a Melbourne winter. Unable to move in all the ways I was used to (running, gym, sports) I borrowed a yoga for dummies VHS from my local library. It was so unexpectedly challenging it really humbled me and kicked off a deep curiosity that I just kept on following. 
What is the greatest lesson yoga has taught you?
That the answers are within me. My favorite Rumi line is ‘You wander from room to room searching for the diamond necklace that hangs around your neck’.
Over the years through practice and patience I’ve learnt to trust myself and listen to that quiet voice inside and you know it has never led me astray.
When are you the happiest?
Without a doubt with salty skin and wet hair swimming in the sea or on the sand with my boys.
Close second though is cooking a meal for my family with a red wine in hand and Otis Redding playing (I even have a spotify playlist called red wine and cooking).
If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what could you win a gold medal for?
Redecorating/organising. I’m fairly sure I could give Marie Kondo a run for her money and I’m well known for de-stressing by moving a whole room around or emptying the contents of a cupboard and putting them all back again – but this time all neat and organised.