Courtney Rose

Courtney came to yoga by accident – a literal accident as a teen – that left her with two broken arms at the same time. Frustrated by her inability to move and the effect this was having on her mentally and emotionally she sought an alternative and came across a ‘Yoga for Dummies’ VHS at her local library and began what would become a life-long practice.

Fast forward a few years, studying neurophysiology at Melbourne University she was inspired and awed by the intricacies of the human body and mind. Fascinated with uncovering and exploring the connectedness of all things she began to concurrently study Indian philosophy and ‘new age’ spirituality never thinking that one day it would all intersect.

In 2011 when she discovered the Laughing Lotus tradition and her teacher Lara she knew she had found her ‘yoga calling’ and feel compelled to share it with anyone and everyone.

Her classes weave together music, mudra, mantra, pranayama and asana into one joyous experience. Expect her Vinyasa to be a flowing, playful and irreverent class that moves energy through the chakra system, while her Yin classes will assist you to slow down, nurture, release and turn inwards. Most important of all she aims to help you discover what it feels like to move like you.

She draws inspiration from all aspects of life, ancient texts and from her studies in, and passion for, Ayurveda. She has trained with Byron Yoga Centre, Laughing Lotus New York, Elena Brower and Katie Manitsas.