Loved this class with Angela Jessup. A beautifuly relaxing, yet energising flow with attention to movement and breath. Thanks Ange – hope to see you again.


How did you get into yoga?

For more than 15 years yoga has been a part of my life. It wasn’t until I was living in Melbourne and working in the media industry – overworked, stressed and I began urgently seeking the internal calm I heard yoga could bring. I found a studio and community I resonated with and jumped in for a 40 day challenge and that was it, the practice had worked its magic. It changed the direction of my life, and led me to meditation which is my greatest passion. 

What is the greatest lesson yoga has taught you?

Yoga has grown with and shaped me to be the woman, mother, daughter, partner, sister and friend I am today. It is hard to pinpoint the greatest lesson the practice has taught me, but if I’d have to choose one it would be the ability to sit with myself and take control of my healing – to accept my flaws, to find equanimity, and to be able to witness (without judgement) my inner world.

What’s your favourite thing to teach?

I love to teach meditation to beginners, I believe a meditation practice is the greatest gift you can give someone and their loved ones. I also LOVE witnessing the depth of enquiry and healing that can only come with a yin practice. 
What qualities make a great teacher that you strive to emulate?
I believe a great teacher has embodied wisdom, authenticity and the ability to hold space. A teacher who can truly see their students, read the energy of the room, show empathy and understanding, but who has the guts to give students what they need, not necessarily what they want.
When are you the happiest?
On the days that are filled with: a sunrise meditation, a class at Modern Movement, a bush walk, the ocean, and love, laughter and connection with my little tribe.