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    Last year didn’t quite go to plan (for anyone) so we’re excited to tell you that you can start anew and make your yoga teaching dreams come true this year. After years of delivering profound, life-changing trainings, we’re excited to say that we have transferred our methods to offer these skills through a digital platform, making it possible to qualify with us from anywhere in the world!

    This course consists of 12 hours of study per week over 10 weeks. The content will be delivered 100% online with weekly mentoring and live Q&A sessions to keep you on track as we deep dive.

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    who’s it for?

    This course is designed for you if you have had a regular yoga practice for the last 6-12 months. It is for those who love yoga and might want to make a career, or perhaps are just wanting to deepen their own practice and embark on a journey of self healing and transformation. The course is for those who are curious about the history and lineage and would like to know where it came from, those who want to learn more about meditation, pranayama or those who perhaps embody the lifestyle of yoga including habits from Ayurveda and ancient medicine. Whatever your reason, all are welcome. 









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    Join us and deep dive into the full 200 hour yoga teacher training immersion

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    Join us as an earlybird. The first ten students to sign up will gain a $200 discount. This gives you 200 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and allows you to register as a fully qualified yoga teacher.

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    This gives you 200 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and allows you to register as a fully qualified yoga teacher.

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    4 easy payments of $647.5

    This gives you 200 hours CEC with Yoga Alliance and allows you to register as a fully qualified yoga teacher.

    Melissa Kitchen

    Melissa Kitchen

    Lead Facilitator, Energetic Anatomy, Teaching Methodolgy

    Mel studied the psychology of health back in the American Rockies and found it echoed perfectly by the spiritual teachings of one of her first yoga masters in the Indian Himalayas during her first traditional yogic training. Determined to close the gap of modern neuroscience and ancient spirituality she has been teaching since 2012 and teaching teachers since 2016. Deeply inspired by the shamanic and indigenous masters she learns from, Mel brings the physical body, mental body and energy bodies together to create teaching experiences that reach every level of the human experience.

    Courtney Rose

    Courtney Rose

    History of yoga, Yoga Philosophy

    Court studied neurophysiology at Melbourne University and was inspired and awed by the intricacies of the human body and mind. Fascinated with uncovering and exploring the connectedness of all things she began to concurrently study Indian philosophy and ‘new age’ spirituality never thinking that one day it would all intersect. when she discovered Laughing Lotus she knew she had found her ‘yoga calling’. She draws inspiration from all aspects of life, ancient texts and from her studies in, and passion for, Ayurveda. She has trained with Byron Yoga Centre, Laughing Lotus New York, Elena Brower and Katie Manitsas.

    Kat Clayton

    Kat Clayton

    Human anatomy & physiology

    Since 2013, Kat has been leading Teacher Trainings for some of Australia’s most well known yoga studios. Kat facilitates yoga teacher trainings, teacher mentoring, workshops as well as international yoga retreats.Her great love is to share the tools of yoga, philosophy, breath work and meditation. Kat has a B.A. degree in Psychology (2005) and continually draws inspiration from ongoing studies in yogic philosophy, physiology and neuroscience.Her teachings fuse 15 years experience as a yoga teacher with a passion for yoga philosophy, technical alignment and has a heart-centered, playful approach to teaching.

    Morgan Webert

    Morgan Webert

    Ayurveda, Trauma Informed Yoga

    Morgan has been practicing and studying for 20 years to culminate knowledge across trauma informed yoga, holistic counselling, EFT Tapping therapy, matrix re-imprinting, Ayurveda, Yoga anatomy and Meditation. She is passionate about supporting individuals to embody inner peace and design vibrant joyful lives. She works one on one and in groups to help clients release blocked energy, old patterns and create practices to generate balance, union and lightness.

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    All lectures + your course manual with sequences and diagrams + your certificate with Yoga Alliance

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    face-to-face training

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